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Monday, February 27, 2012

Slotting (Noble Challenge)

hufff...this challenge seems ridiculous

i need more than 48 hours playing continously to complete...
some of pico-er give up early or waiting 5x spin...i think :p

argghhh...i forgot!! i spent whole my weekend holiday AT SLOT :|

me with Kuna and Ekin

luckily I love the rewards this time ^^

just a picture from last month challenge:

SAS (Slitz Asry Syara)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year (UPDATED)

the future ahead, holds numerous surprises for you. so be open to changes. >> 
Happy New Year Everyone~

* my view
*pico.ameba.net view (cropped)

Lets continue our journey @AmebaPico
..................................................................and enjoy it ^_^


Good News 
all room redesigned...80% completed...so more to come..pls visit next room..thank you
tower of love

name taken from main character @anime Ranma 1/2 ;)
d.o.b: 02 Jan 2012....strong and cool like ranma~ ^_^ ...pls pet him

Bad News
its my hardest decission ever...i need to choose which pet i should release...I love all them (hemohemo,junko,leo,mochi,akane)...but i have to release one of them...:(( after couple of days, i decided to release Akane (my white tiger)...i will miss u Akane~!!!

*is it true that "easy to get, easy to lose"??? hmmmmm /pout

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Having a Good Time

is it enough a title and a picture tell a stories?? well, sometimes yeah
sometimes not!

this year almost come to its end...
how is your pico's life..is it happening like the beginning? ;)
well, whatever it is...hope we can learn something from here

almost half year passes, i stop buying any AG...since jun
and i'll continue STOP that "pico addiction"

pico life is not all about buying new stuff to follow the new style and trend here
the most important thing is making a good relationship with other...either buddies, friends or other pico-ers

* show your creativities with your own way...
your pico sometimes can show who you're in real... no need to copy

my good time with my musume-san (daughter) - december 2011

lets enjoy the time left on 2011 before its gone :p
  see you there~

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pico! I'm back

phew,,2 months away from Pico...thanks to my daughter for asking me to online again...I'm BACK...lol

its been a while not post anything...
thanx a lot for viewing my blog... more than 1000 different viewers from different 41 countries since my blog tracking activated :)) its awesome!
*i'm only shared my blog link in my pico and FB profile few months ago ^^

<~>~<~>~<~>T H A N K S<~>~<~>E V E R Y O N E <~>~<~>~<~>

i'm just finished this challenge...after 3 days... fail to get the limited window :(
but its not too bad...idk where to use that tho..still not planning to decor my room :p

 *i like this card more than the black one :p

happy holiday guys~ (=^_^=)

Friday, September 30, 2011

on hiatus

thanks for visiting my blog

kinda stress this few months...
i 'lost' my "black baby" in real life since few months ago...:(

it is true that in hard time u need support...
but i just keep and think positive in mind to fight that sadness
finally,,i'm recovered..slowly but it works^^

well its october now...its time to stop playing Pico for while...

"my flight is about to take off "
i'll back to Pico after finish all matters..
probably on december or early next year...

a special thanks to my friend Kuna Zara ㉿ for last words she gave me...

last but not least

until I meet u all again...take care n be happy always...see ya~

p/s: pls listen this song (on my blog music player)
actually i was hoping to meet someone,,but seems cant right now

always when saw she doin'  fine...and I hope she'll be fine n happy forever^^

그리워서 (because i miss you)


Saturday, August 20, 2011


i cant on9 Pico this upcoming weeks...i'm still busy with my study and....
Eid festival is coming soon^^

in case if important things,,just p/m me at my FB

enjoy a  great pico life and

enjoy this song by IU
have a GOOD DAY ...;)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Year @ Ameba Pico (updated)

Today is exactly my 1st year join Ameba Pico ^^

thanks for all ~ arigatou gozaimasu...xie xie...terima kasih

i'm enjoyed my life in pico world...its full of memories
omoide ga ippai ne~!!!

at my earliest:

memories with my wife ;)

memories with my daughter;

random pic ;)

well,,too much pics i put in one post...:p
all from my Pico Album from my FB...pls dont take without asking me..copyright reserve restricted >:p

again,,thanks for all /bow
my 2nd year just started...i'm a little bit busy since my new semester at university also start this week...i hope can spend some time with pico and have fun with you all...until then~ see ya...have a best enjoyful pico life...^^