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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Introduction (Part 3 - My Pet)

live in Pico virtual world sometimes might so bored without any pet...lol...
maybe just my thinking and it is "sometimes" ONLY~!!!

so, let me introduce you all to my lovely pet now...^^

My first pet, a Neko (cat)  ;)


Name : 経も経も(ヘモヘモ) @ Hemohemo
Date of pet : 16 Aug 2010

*name taken from my fav dog character hemo-hemo from anime Nintama Rantaro (Ninja Boy)

My 2nd pet, a Panda~  ;)

Name : ジュンキョオ (Junkyo) @ Junko
Date of pet : 19 Sept 2010

* name taken from my fav artist from MM,...errr,,my old crush i think...lol...this kiddy name (Junko) refer to JunJun...XD

My third pet, a purple puppy^^

Name : 餅 (もち) @ Mochi
Date of pet : 13 Oct 2010

*name given by my bestfriend now (picture)..."mochi" is refer to traditional japanese sticky rice cake^^.../hungry
me and my besfriend, cream


Introduction (Part 2 - Room)

minna(everyone), I welcome u all to my room ^^
now, let me bring u into my simple room v^^v

Room 1
Bar & Disco

i.always make props event...n some food share event...
so pls come get props & meet some new friends here...

p/s: when u in here,,pls tell me if u will AFK..so i wont Kick you out...bcoz some my guest complaint they didn't get props back at "props 100% party" here.../__\

Room 2

initially, I make this room for my lovely ex-wife.../shy..well,,its old story ;)...everyone happy now...peace v^^v
room is open for anyone,,,u can take bath with roses here^^

Room 3
Private Love Garden

room also design to show my ♥♥♥♥♥
u can bring your gf/bf here...i prever u sit on the swing canoe or eat on the white table^^

i hope u enjoy here...thanks to all who favoriting my room...i appreciate your support to me...

one week one day special report to all favoriters:
A-Z 4ver room ranking
(22 Jan: 24th)(23 Jan: 30th)(24 Jan: 30th)(25 Jan: 23th)
(26 Jan: 19th)(27 Jan: 12th)(28 Jan: 11th)(29 Jan : 11th)

thanks all.../bow..you all very cool :)

hope i can meet u here again..of course, in my room~! ^^


Introduction (Part 1 - Me)

Konnichiwa~ ^^

hello guys,
welcome to my official Pico blog ^^

i'm_Asry, from Malaysia...i just open my blog today (30 Jan 2011)

hmmm, i'm not good in writing,,lol..just read this,,u will know who i'm in just 1 minute..;)
My Pico profile:

Name : Asry v^^v
Nickname : Asry, the white ninja cat, daddy, eMJay, kk
Join date : 28 July 2010
Room name : A-Z 4ever room
Age : 18 (according to my daughter :P )
Status : Not Available (Single father)
Children : iu ♥ suka (female, 17)
Looking for : Friends, BFF
Favourite : Skating, Make props event, Dancing, Singing
Favourite place : Winter Skate Rink, Pico Night Club

skate with my daughter