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Saturday, February 19, 2011


yahhhh...today I bring u all to my real world
just to announce here,,,i'm will offline again soon
just 2 weeks more b4 my final exam ^^

time to study crazy x 1000..."ano,,ganbatte kudasai Asry-san"

time to open book and "close" my laptop

one last word from me~

jya~~ v^^v
ichiban kawaii (cutest) jya~~ v^^v
jyaaa~~ (a.k.a see ya)

take care ya all~~~~~


yesterday was lazy day

yes,,it was a lazy day yesterday
so i bring Junko to meet her boys frieds...
Tomato, Pasta n Bacon...3 naughty boys...but they're very friendly to Junko ^^

after playing with them...i just realize they all like to go up...

we loved to be here
 maybe bcoz tired playing with cloud (see pic above),,,junko sleep...so me too...:p
junko sleep + me sleep = Tomato, Bacon & Pasta bored >:)

then they all feel bored,,then all join us /zzz

look at the big bubbles...lol @ Pasta

for about 20 minutes,,Junko finally wake up...so late...time to go back
see you all again boys,,,your uncle will visit u all again...


hello all ^^
its been a while i'm not online Pico...
busy with study now,,,have test every week ^^
hope everyone is good

just after i'm online in Pico today,,,
lol...i forgot, the Pico pic contest winner announced yesterday
so sad that I didn't win :(
anyway, /thanks x 1000 to all who support me...especially to my bff ^^

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thank You

just like other Pico-ers , I'm joining the new Pico pic contest ^^
but this is my 1st time...lol...wish me luck (=^,^=)
i'm so lucky today,,,my bff, Cream spent a lot her time with me...very cool ~!!!
thank you so much Cream~~~~ /heart

finally after hours tried many ideas, we got this pic:


we choose this pic bcoz in Pico, I'm a Cat and she is Rabbit (Cream the Rabbit)
pls click the pic,,,it will automatically bring you to my pic that I sent to Ameba Pico official website wall^^
 "Like" my pic if u think it is nice ;)


Today seems like my day...I'm very shock when know my room going up to 4th today^^
/joy + /fun x 10000000

thanks for all who add my room to your fav...
I cant say much,,,"thank you thank you very much"...thank you for ya all support ^^

my room with love theme decor
I'll carry on & make some effort here^^ /bow


Friday, February 4, 2011


hello ya all

thanks for viewing my blog again../bow
and for those who just viewing my blog...welcome to my Pico world ^_^ /please

btw, have u watched my daugther's video??? if Yes...thank you so much^^
if still not, pls watch the video on here >>> (My Daughter)

bcoz many ask to be my gf (~_~) ...so,
pls look at this "full of memories" pic...she is the rabbit a.k.a my ex-wife ^^


honestly,,I STILL LOVE HER VERY VERY MUCH~!!! but, i cant own her (pls dont  ask me why)
its like a tragic fate for me...i cant change that...

at least, we now r very close friend...more than just friend, but less than a lover@couple...
both r happy now n still care each other...that's the most important thing...
rather than sad, I'll be happy for her...I'll always pray for happiness...wish her meet Mr. Right soon^^


rabbit n cat will be bestfriend forever

to all Pico girls,,,i'm sorry...my heart was "stolen" by her,,,and i wont take it back bcoz i dont want give to other...ONLY HER!!!


2 song to describe how special SHE are to me:

1st song: 


I choose becoz>>> she so amazing...I love everything about her

2nd song:

I choose bcoz >>> this song like my story now...maybe I met so many girls,,but there's NO ONE like her


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Daughter

hello guys & girls...wuuzz up??? how's your Pico day?? ;)

firstly, I want to thanks for all feedback ^^
most of it ~ positive!!!,,but, I'm still beginner in blogspot.com anyway ^^

now let me introduce ya all to my ONLY ONE n lovely daughter (watch video k)^^
many ask me who is she, so I let u know a little about her

Picture of me & my daughter:
otou-san (father) & musume-san (daughter)
I call her musume-san (娘-さん)[Jp] meaning: daughter [Eng], putri [Id] ^^
and she always call me: daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!  ^^ /heart

for me, she is the funniest girl in here...(for me k) :P
always have fun and enjoy moment everytime with her,,,/fun x 100^999999

Pico profile
Name : iu ♥ suka
Nickname : iu, ayu, mbak, musume-san, black kitten
Owner of : [Room: black kitten's room] , [Pet: mistery (cat)]

Her room:

black kitten's room
Her mysterious neko, mistery...hemohemo's bestfriend

mistery, hemohemo & me
Video of us: created by my daughter ^^

# video captured by her without my permission >:) ...posted in FB and tagged ~_~
I just upload it back in Youtube...now without her permission...wkwkwkw

at the first time, its a little embarassed me...but kind'a cute video^^
thanks musume-san ^^ daddy love it ^^

some memory pic of us ^^ :

btw, she is also a jumping marshmallow :))

thats all for now from me to ya all,,
thanks for reading, viewing n watching.../please + /bow...have a great Pico life everyone...