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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Year @ Ameba Pico (updated)

Today is exactly my 1st year join Ameba Pico ^^

thanks for all ~ arigatou gozaimasu...xie xie...terima kasih

i'm enjoyed my life in pico world...its full of memories
omoide ga ippai ne~!!!

at my earliest:

memories with my wife ;)

memories with my daughter;

random pic ;)

well,,too much pics i put in one post...:p
all from my Pico Album from my FB...pls dont take without asking me..copyright reserve restricted >:p

again,,thanks for all /bow
my 2nd year just started...i'm a little bit busy since my new semester at university also start this week...i hope can spend some time with pico and have fun with you all...until then~ see ya...have a best enjoyful pico life...^^

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