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Friday, September 30, 2011

on hiatus

thanks for visiting my blog

kinda stress this few months...
i 'lost' my "black baby" in real life since few months ago...:(

it is true that in hard time u need support...
but i just keep and think positive in mind to fight that sadness
finally,,i'm recovered..slowly but it works^^

well its october now...its time to stop playing Pico for while...

"my flight is about to take off "
i'll back to Pico after finish all matters..
probably on december or early next year...

a special thanks to my friend Kuna Zara ㉿ for last words she gave me...

last but not least

until I meet u all again...take care n be happy always...see ya~

p/s: pls listen this song (on my blog music player)
actually i was hoping to meet someone,,but seems cant right now

always when saw she doin'  fine...and I hope she'll be fine n happy forever^^

그리워서 (because i miss you)


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